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Comedic Differences Between Cultures

Posted by @ 12:57 PM on May 10, 2011

Japanese translator extraordinaire Shibatabread has translated a special episode of Denpa Shōnen (電波少年) in which Japanese comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto (松本 人志) is asked to make Americans laugh.

It’s interesting to see a popular Japanese comedian’s take on American comedy, such as learning that repeating things for comedic effect is called “tendon” (天丼). Tendon is also, apparently, a type of tempura dish. I think the trip to Dallas may have been ill-advised, especially walking in with the cowboy costume and fake nose. I don’t think that type of comedy plays well in Dallas, but I suppose learning what does and doesn’t work was part of this experiment. It’d be a bit like an American walking into a bar in downtown Tokyo wearing a kimono (着物). Then again, maybe that’d go over well in downtown Tokyo. I’ll need to test this hypothesis!

It’s also interesting to note that since he made this short, Matsumoto has gone on to write and direct several films such as Big Man Japan and Symbol. Big Man Japan is really suited for people who enjoy daikaiju (大怪獣) (giant monster) movies while Symbol is more for people who like Charlie Kaufman movies with a dash of lucha libre.

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