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A week has passed – what’s the results?

Posted by @ 5:52 PM on Jul 31, 2011

Hello to you all,

The tallies are in: ~30 cans of soda over a week long period. My greatest in take was during the week, on Wednesday to be specific.

Why do I state approximately 30 cans? It’s hard to judge how many ounces the glass is when you eat out.

What does this mean? I drink way to much soda.

  • Health Related: I’ve been struggling to lose weight for a while, I’ve heard, but not seen actual proof, that caffeine and/or soda can get in the way of this process. Even though all this soda has been ‘diet’ soda, I can only imagine what these chemicals have been doing to my system.
  • Economically: The average 12-pack of soda costs five dollars and some change when it’s not on sale. Cutting down on my intake is going to allow extra money to magically be there, and these days every little bit helps.
  • Other Impacts: Personally I feel my soda intake has affected my ability to donate blood/platelets. Although I did increase the amount of water I drink leading up to an attempt to donate platelets, I had a ‘return fail’ for the second time in a row.  Now I, can’t donate for another 60 days, and even if I attempt to it is heavily recommended to go to a normal blood donation instead of a platelet donation center.

Where does one go from here? I’m giving myself 60 days to change how I drink soda, first thing will be to use the tracking I have and stay under that value from day to day, then go to under half that value. All the while making sure I don’t increase the amounts of coffee or other caffeinated drinks. There will be headache and sluggishness as my body gets used to a lower amount of caffeine in my system.

At a future date I’ll talk about how I’ve been doing.

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Can I do it?

Posted by @ 2:40 PM on Jul 24, 2011

Long time no write, sorry about that.

As John Adams has told me on more than one occasion, ‘your posts don’t need to be anything amazing, insightful or especially funny, just write something.’

So I’m going to document my attempts to lessen the amount of soda I drink. Starting August 1st I will track, document, and comment on my active reduction of soda and other soft drinks. It will also be interesting to see what vice I choose to replace this with.

There are currently 2+ 12 packs of soda in my house. Those won’t last the week if I don’t take specific action to reduce how much of it I drink. So as a measure of how bad my ‘soda addiction’ I’ll post again when it’s all gone.

I estimate I go through at least 12 cans of soda a week, not including what I grab at the office in the afternoon.

Lets see how accurate that is starting now: 2 cans already consumed, Sunday July 24th. I am not going to alter or avoid drinking it if my first impulse is to grab a can.

Talk to you next Sunday.

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Keeping Dad’s Computer Safe

Posted by @ 11:48 AM on Jul 18, 2011

Over the weekend I visited my father and, as is now tradition, I was tasked with cleaning up and fixing his computer. It had been running slow for while with 30-minute boot times not uncommon. However this is also an HP machine that had been built in 2002 and had never had the OS (Windows XP) reinstalled during all that time. Perhaps the slow boot time was simply because of its age. I dug in to find out and see if I couldn’t get things running smoothly like it did coming out of the box.

Continued on the inside…

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