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Catherine Review & Laying Eggs Updates

Posted by @ 10:46 AM on Aug 19, 2011

As I was typing out my review of the video game Catherine I was imagining everything I was typing as being spoken by Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw from Zero Punctuation. The game aggravated me to the point that I felt the need to create a five-minute animation filled with sarcasm and strange hyperbole to get the point across that the game was good, but really wasn’t. Alas I lack the motivation to do such a thing. Thankfully Yahtzee has got around to making his own.

Hooray! I’m Not A Fucking Moron!

In Zero Punctuation’s review of Catherine Yahtzee picked up on all my key points and boy does that feel good. All these great ratings with high scores for Catherine had me very perplexed. Had I missed something about this game? Was it really good and I was project some kind if inner angst over it?

No. I wasn’t. The gaming press is just fucking stupid. Or lazy. Or both. The five-minutes they spent playing the game to write those reviews gave them just enough bright and shiny to get them excited, as I was those early-morning hours of gameplay. But then I continued beyond the five-minute-mark and realized it was crap.

Granted I’m basing my self-worth and the gaming press in general by correlating my feelings with someone who uses digital paper dolls to review video games while talking in a funny accent. But why would I let something like that get in the way of what is such a pleasurable moment for myself?

So be sure to check out Zero Punctuation’s review of Catherine and perhaps browse the archives for others. They’re extremely funny and very well written and you will, I guarantee this, actually laugh out loud.

The Friendly Ghost

In my Laying Eggs post I mentioned another skit from Gottsu ee Kanji about a ghost that inhabits a hotel. I embedded five video clips into the post and told you there were more, but you had to find them on your own.

Turns out you’re fucked.

YouTube has apparently taken down many of these Friendly Ghost clips including at least two that I know exist beyond the five presented in my post and I’m willing to bet there are many more as Gottsu ee Kanji ran for six years with a new episode every week. Maybe others will surface, but for those who are fans you’ll have to simply stay vigilant and hope for the best.

Or you could waste a day going through Youku which is something like an Asian YouTube. The choice is up to you.

To make up for my inadvertent fucking, I’ll give you another clip from Gottsu ee Kanji

The idea of this sketch is Matsumoto and another comedian are talking over the sketch like narrators for a wilderness program. Hamada is a lion and there’s another animal trying to get into Hamada’s territory. Hamada just beats the crap out of this other animal to the amusement of all. However before they begin filming the sketch they swap out Hamada’s junior in the animal suit with Sakamoto Ryuichi who, even when this sketch was filmed in the mid 1990s, is an epic composer (and part-time actor). He and Hamada are friends, but Hamada is junior to Sakamoto and the shit Hamada does to Sakamoto while he’s in the costume is un-fucking-forgivable behavior from a junior. Which is why, at the end, we see a very rare sight in which Hamada is the one on his knees begging for forgiveness.

A nice thing about this video is that there are no subtitles and yet you can easily follow along with what’s happening.

Hopefully that will hold your appetite for this week.