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Check The Fucking Label

Posted by @ 7:08 PM on Sep 26, 2011

Right, no fucking around. This post is for men, by men.

Gentlemen I tell you this, and it is a hard lesson learned, check the fucking label.

This is a message that has numerous applications to all facets of the male lifestyle, however trying to apply this message to all facets of the male lifestyle is too fucking hard and tedious. I speak to one specific application of this message: purchasing underarm deodorant. This is my story.

Continued on the inside…

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Building the Ferrari 458 Italia

Posted by @ 5:04 PM on Sep 25, 2011

The Ferrari 458 Italia is probably the prettiest Ferrari to come out of their factories for a couple decades. It’s also a car that Ferrari is especially proud of and rightfully so. To that end they’ve put together a series of videos that walk you through the process of creating a 458 from raw bars of aluminum to the finished car ready to go into the garages of rich and lucky people. Watching these videos will kill an hour or so of your time, but I (and perhaps a few others will) find it very interesting. By the time you finish watching these videos the massive price tag of the Italia, around the US$250,000 mark, suddenly starts to make some sense.

Continued on the inside…

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31 in 31: The Pre-Game Show

Posted by @ 3:12 PM on Sep 25, 2011

September 25th??? Jaysus, where does the time go???

We have so much to discuss. Books to review. Films to rave about and slag. I’m sure I have a fantasy sports rant in me somewhere. And I keep putting off my review of a nasty li’l (heh…) film called The Sinful Dwarf. But all of that needs to stay on the back burner for now. You’ll have to wait to hear my thoughts regarding the first two parts of Mira Grant’s zombie apocalypse trilogy. No time (yet) to convince you that Pirate Radio is a film that is very, very good for you. Amanda Palmer will dodge my loving ire for a bit longer. Because we are six days from October, and with that months comes Halloween, which has inspired two traditions in the Scheckland household: the reading of The Book of Lists: Horror and Stephen King’s Danse Macabre, and…

31 Films in 31 days!!!

The rules are pretty simple. Over the course of October, I will watch 31 horror/exploitation films (averaging – you guessed it! – one a day for 31 days), and post my thoughts and reviews in this very forum for your amusement. To make things more difficult or interesting, I usually set limits for my viewing – only films I’ve never seen before, strictly foreign horrors, a month of slashers, “It Came From My Cable Box,” etc. This year, to add a more interactive wrinkle, I will only watch movies I get from Netflix Online. While that will make viewing easier as far as my ability to actually find films, it makes thinks a bit more interesting in that anything I watch, you can watch. As always, if I don’t post it, I didn’t watch it. So, in six days time, please join me as I kill time, (probably) brain cells, and (quite possibly) the will to live.

31 Films in 31 days!!!

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Absolutely Tasty

Posted by @ 3:57 PM on Sep 21, 2011

I’d hate to run the month of September without a post to Team Dick. Lacking that extra link in the archives list you see to the right would be sad. I have more than a few things I could write about, but it’s all too serious.

Thankfully I was inspired the other day to repeat something I saw on television! Now I’ve got fodder for a blog post.

Continued on the inside…

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