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Posted by @ 3:57 PM on Sep 21, 2011

I’d hate to run the month of September without a post to Team Dick. Lacking that extra link in the archives list you see to the right would be sad. I have more than a few things I could write about, but it’s all too serious.

Thankfully I was inspired the other day to repeat something I saw on television! Now I’ve got fodder for a blog post.

The first introd1ction to edamame I had was at some restaurant I’d never been to before where it was ordered as an appetizer. The beans arrived still in the shell and I didn’t have a clue whether I was to remove the shell and eat the beans like they’re peanuts or eat the thing whole like they were green beans. I opted for the latter (bean is closer to bean than peanut, right?) and the shell was tough and annoying and I gave up on edamame right then and there.

Recently the local supermarket started carrying tubs of shelled edamame and one evening, feeling a particular need to feel the enlightened individual, I picked up a tub and gave this edamame thing another go.

The verdict: not bad. The taste was a bit too buttery, but something about the texture made me continue stuffing my face. Yesterday I wanted a reason to go buy some more and I came up with brilliant one. A series regular of Gaki no Tsukai is called Absolutely Tasty in which a particular ingredient or cooking method is chosen and the five main cast members each take a couple chances at coming up with new and unusual things to eat.

The first Absolutely Tasty episode was all about rice and Tanaka Naoki decided to cook his rice with beer and edamame.


So I bought some edamame and Japanese beer and snacked and drank while the stuff cooked. In the episode the guys rate this particular dish 8 out of 10 stars. Would it be the same for me?

In a word: no.

Not really even close. The cooked edamame lost its texture and turned into the kind of mush you’d expect from a bad taco shop. The rice certainly had a beer smell to it, but it wasn’t entirely pleasant and the rice itself didn’t carry much flavor. Still, I ate it all. Although it was more out of a feeling of not wanting the rather expensive tub of edamame to go to waste than eating it for its tasty goodness.

I think I made two mistakes, possibly three, in my absolutely tasty attempt. The first is I did exactly what all the rice gurus say on the interwebs which is to wash and soak the rice (proper Japanese rice, which is what I used) before cooking it. In the video above you can clearly see they did neither of these things and perhaps that played a role in how this all turned out. The next problem is I purposely added a little more beer than what is normally called for when using water. My thinking was the beer still had quite a bit of carbon dioxide in it and I needed to compensate for all that space. The rice wound up being a bit too watery for my liking and probably contributed to my distaste of it. My third problem is, possibly, my choice of beer. I wonder if perhaps choosing either a darker beer or something with a stronger flavor would have helped.

Should I make any future attempts at this kitchen-beer-rice-edamame science and find an acceptable solution to the formula I will share it with on this blog.

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