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Apathy Is Easy

Posted by @ 2:07 PM on Jan 12, 2012

It really is. I’m not sure if this is a trait limited to just dicks or if it’s a shared human experience. All I know is that after work it’s easier to drink beer and watch television than to actually accomplish something meaningful, like laundry or writing a blog post.

I’ll go find some clean underwear and something to write about.

Let’s start the new year off right with some crazy Japanese stuff.


This is from Gottsu ee Kanji, a variety comedy show that focused more on sketch comedy than Downtown’s other show Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende. This is a set of sketches where a man and a woman sit on a park bench and talk that happy nonsense that people in love tend to do (in stories). A second woman appears and confronts the man. The two women then go back and forth discussing why the man is a horrible person and why the other woman should take him. A lot of this is improv with a lot of real-world information about the man in question being used against him, which gets the film crew laughing. Eventually three judges appear and decide which of the two girls wins and therefore does not have to be with the man, while the loser is given to the man at which point the man steps into the improv business with his reaction. It goes weird places, but that’s Japan for you.

No Laughing Airport Batsu Game

Every year Gaki no Tsukai has a massive (now up to six-hours long) special on New Year’s Eve where the cast take on a role for 24 hours. During that time the cast is not allowed to laugh. If they do laugh they are punished (batsu).

This year some kind souls streamed the show live over the internet while others in a chat room tried to translate the show for English speakers on-the-fly. And now some other kind souls are taking the time to translate the whole thing, a process that usually takes about three months.

Those who are a bit impatient (such as myself) can find a copy of the show, without translation, right now and watch it. I understand maybe 5 Japanese words, so I don’t get anything out of the dialogue. However there is a ton of context to go off of and it’s actually very easy to enjoy the show even if you don’t speak the language. You can give this a try yourself! The entire show is up on YouTube and part one can be found below.

My favorite part from the show happens between part 14 and part 15 where the group sit in on a meeting between two clubs that take on challenges to prove which club is better. The last challenge issued is between the leaders of the two clubs and it is an arm wrestling match that never quite starts as a secondary part to the match proves to be a bigger challenge.

The entire show, without commercials, runs about 5 hours. There has already been a half-hour special showing footage not in the original show and in a couple weeks there will be a two-hour special that covers even more unseen footage. The scope of these batsu games is immense. They truly do film for 24 hours and every hour is packed with tons of traps, pranks, and celebrity cameos.

The annual Gaki no Tsukai batsu game is A Big Deal.

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