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Sixteen Stars

Posted by @ 10:13 PM on Jul 20, 2012

One of our two favorite writers, Falconesse over at L’esprit d’escalier (some French shit), has had a short story published! You can read all about it over at her blog.

We here at Team Dick have had a chance to sit down and read her story and can confirm it is legitimately fucking awesome. You can buy the anthology her story appears in online at some unnamed online store or through other means as outlined on the editor’s web site The Dead Robots’ Society.

Team Dick would have rated her story at the exemplary seventeen stars, however she receives only sixteen stars as the story leaves us wanting a more substantial version comprised of several hundred pages rather than the several tens of pages that appear in the anthology.

Should a novel-length version of her story ever be published we here at Team Dick will alter this review to a proper and full seventeen stars. We will also review said novel using only stick figure illustrations. So pester the fuck out of the anthology’s editors, who will pester the fuck out of her agent, who will pester the fuck out of Falconesse to take this mini powdered-candy stick (we can’t say Pixi-Stix can we? it’s trademarked) into a massively-sized powdered-candy stick (fuck the three-foot version you might still find in random stores, I’m talking an all-new twelve-foot fucking pixi powdered candy stick) which you will then eat until you cake your esophagus with too much powder and gag like you’re some kind of cinnamon challenger noob!!

That is all.

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Ken Watanabe

Posted by @ 9:59 PM on Jul 20, 2012

You’ve probably seen a movie or six staring Ken Watanabe. He’s a very popular Japanese actor who has broken into the American cinema with movies such as Last Samurai and Inception

Oddly, I first saw him in a Japanese movie called Space Travelers because, of course, that particular movie stars several comedians including Hamada Masatoshi from Gaki no Tsukai. But that particular movie barely registers among his Japanese fans who know him best from the 1987 drama Dokuganryu Masamune. His popularity, both in Japan and across the world, has massively increased since his introduction into Hollywood movies.

And now we get to see him for the person he is, not a character he’s portrayed.
Continued on the inside…

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Posted by @ 2:21 PM on Jul 4, 2012

Konto (コント) is a Japanese word derived French that means sketch comedy or a skit; like Saturday Night Live. Hamada and Matsumoto used to do quite a lot of konto, but that faded away over the years. Recently (within the last 3 years) the desire to do konto stuck itself back into Matsumoto and so he developed a series of sketches (six or seven) and packaged them under the title “MHK” or Matsumoto Hitoshi Konto. Below is one of those sketches.

The subtitles may come across as a little dense, but stick with it. The funny, at least for me, comes from Hamada and Matsumoto trying to stick together and not bust out laughing as the dialogue gets more ridiculous. When they get to the gorilla I had the hardest laugh I’ve had in a long time. The in-joke there being that Hamada has been referred to as a gorilla for years, probably going back to his middle school days with Matsumoto, because his face has a certain monkey quality to it.

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