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Online Entertainment Extravaganza

Posted by @ 1:58 PM on Aug 31, 2012

Troma has put over 150 of its movies on YouTube for free including a personal favorite of mine, although the DVD commentary alone is worth buying the real thing.

One of their movies I found really interesting is a documentary about low-budget film director Don Dohler called Blood, Boobs & Beast. It’s worth the 75 minutes of your time it will take to watch it all the way through.


J-BUROGU has a post up titled Japanese bands you should listen to -2-. I love this kind of stuff because it exposes me to things I wouldn’t normally come across in my rather sheltered life.

And straight away I have a new band to enjoy! They’re called Mass of the Fermenting Dregs and the lead singer, Natsuko Miyamoto (宮本菜津子), is a woman who has some serious pipes, which she will now demonstrate in their song titled “Hikizuru Beat” (ひきずるビート) embedded below for your enjoyment.