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Maybe I Should Keep My Receipts

Posted by @ 6:52 PM on Apr 26, 2013

I recently purchased a gift card that comes with the logo of a major credit card company on the front. My hope was to purchase a game online, that can only be purchased online, and do so without having to give up my personal information. A week later and the card still isn’t working. I call the number on the card and the operator tells me that no money was ever put on the card. It had not been activated. To resolve this he provided a list of items I would need to fax (who the fuck still uses a fax?) in order to resolve the situation. First item on the list? The receipt, which I promptly threw away the day I bought the thing. Item 4 on that list? My driver’s license. Fuck me.

So I’m out 25 bucks plus the 3.95 activation fee, but when I went to a different store to buy another gift card and this time I kept the receipt. Until 30 minutes later I had successfully used it to purchase the game I was after in the first place.

Save those fucking receipts. If I still had the original receipt I wouldn’t have faxed that shit, I’d just have returned to the store I originally bought it.

And now for some funny.

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Enthusiastic Teachers Batsu Game Subtitled!

Posted by @ 11:14 PM on Apr 24, 2013

In January I wrote about the annual batsu game for the Japanese variety show Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!!. At the time you could find a copy of the show online, but nobody had yet translated the show into English, a job that typically takes a team of translators months to do. Well it’s been months and thankfully Team Gaki undertook the challenge and have released full subtitles for the show!

You can find the subtitles (and a link to the torrent for the video itself) at the Team Gaki site.

The team has also kindly provided notes that go along with the subtitles here and here. They will help explain the cultural references being made so that you can better understand the situations going on in the show.

More Gaki no Tsukai

J-BUROGU has translated a two-part show of Hamada on trial for being a horrible person. You can find part 1 here and part 2 here.

Long story short: Hamada is a dick.

This isn’t the only time Hamada has been put on trial. It’s become something of an annual tradition, each one being a two-parter filled with stories of Hamada being a dick. They’re fucking funny (and a little shocking).

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Apologies Not Included

Posted by @ 1:04 AM on Apr 20, 2013

It took over 60 hours to render this 30-second clip which uses some of the highest precision maths available to achieve unparalleled realism. Were I to drop several dozen glossy, pink, rubber dongs in such formation on a white background they would almost certainly fall exactly like this.

And an how appropriate for a blog with a title like ours?

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Eloquence Personified

Posted by @ 1:00 AM on Apr 20, 2013

If you’re not following The Iron Shiek already you’re missing out on the single greatest twitterer in existence today or, perhaps, ever.

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He Speaks For Us All

Posted by @ 1:35 PM on Apr 16, 2013

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