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Maybe I Should Keep My Receipts

Posted by @ 6:52 PM on Apr 26, 2013

I recently purchased a gift card that comes with the logo of a major credit card company on the front. My hope was to purchase a game online, that can only be purchased online, and do so without having to give up my personal information. A week later and the card still isn’t working. I call the number on the card and the operator tells me that no money was ever put on the card. It had not been activated. To resolve this he provided a list of items I would need to fax (who the fuck still uses a fax?) in order to resolve the situation. First item on the list? The receipt, which I promptly threw away the day I bought the thing. Item 4 on that list? My driver’s license. Fuck me.

So I’m out 25 bucks plus the 3.95 activation fee, but when I went to a different store to buy another gift card and this time I kept the receipt. Until 30 minutes later I had successfully used it to purchase the game I was after in the first place.

Save those fucking receipts. If I still had the original receipt I wouldn’t have faxed that shit, I’d just have returned to the store I originally bought it.

And now for some funny.

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