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Posted by @ 3:13 PM on Oct 25, 2013

I once paid a guy in Gentlemen Jack to read Twilight and write a blog post about it. He claims to have read it, he never blogged it. That fucker.

Yet another example of why Japan amuses me: hot canned ginger ale. The products they produce have such wonderful, probably unintentional, whimsy that you can’t help but smile. Now I shal attempt to recreate this with a can of ginger ale and a stove. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

The company (and most of the people) behind the Myst series of games have a kickstarter going to fund a new game called Obduction which will be similar in style to Myst, but set in a different world. And it’ll be powered by the amazing Unreal 4 engine. Shit just got real. The possibilities are endless and this fucker needs to get funded. I continue to debate with myself whether I should continue saving to buy a house or dump it all on this.

WTF Corner

Links Corner

  • Warning: these stickers really hurt when removing them from the most appropriate of appendages.
  • Tails is the second most underrated web comic out there. Read it from the beginning. In one go.
  • The sight of wrecked exotic cars makes me feel a little better inside. Because I deal with my material jealousy in very juvenile ways.
  • Don’t fucking tell anyone about this site, but it’s great for cutting through bullshit, laggy web-based media players. I just download the actual media file at a rate my service provider is happy to provide (my urethra has more bandwidth, fuck!) and watch it when I want. Over and over. Forever.
  • A great service that helps you discover new music artists based on your own tastes.
  • Combine the last two links with YouTube and FFmpeg and you can very quickly grow your iPod’s library of wonderful crap to annoy your friends with on long drives.

You’re gonna carry that weight.

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