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Recent Musical Discoveries

Posted by @ 3:25 PM on Mar 14, 2014

DJ Danny Avila does an hour-long show on Wednesdays on Electric Area called Ready To Jump. I happened to catch the tail end this past Wednesday and heard a track that really started getting into. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it at the time, but it reminded me of something from my childhood. I had to find this track. Unfortunately SiriusXM doesn’t tell you the track that’s playing during the show, just the name of the show and the twitter account of the DJ running it, so I was a bit stuck. Then I found the shows are posted online on SoundCloud, YouTube, and iTunes. Lucky for me iTunes is updated as soon as the show airs, instead of a week later like the others. So I grabbed the show (#61) and, lucky for me, the mp4 from iTunes includes chapter breaks with the name of each track. A few minutes later and I’d found the song I was looking for. I give you “Nostalgibra” by Spag Heddy:

But what is that tugging from deep within my memories. Something about this song…

Gremlins! It somehow reminds me of the Gremlins theme, specifically of a point in the movie where the gremlins are singing along to the theme. Of course they don’t sound alike at all. I think it’s the higher-pitch synth tones where my mind is making the connection, along with the emotional tone of the music which feels, to me at least, as being somewhat mischievous.

Who cares. Point is, Spag Heddy makes some fine music and you should enjoy it.