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An Amazing, perhaps Colossal Podcast

Posted by @ 10:55 AM on Sep 15, 2014

Amazing Colossal Podcast

I’m a fan of Gilbert Gottfried. Judge me how you will for that one.

I once bought a signed copy of his DVD off his website and the signature on this thing looked like something written by a five-year-old. That seemed appropriate.

He recently started a podcast called Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast. He invites friends of his over to his apartment and they talk for an hour. It sounds simple, and boring, but it’s one of the most interesting podcasts I’ve ever listened to. Of the first 15 shows, the guest list is wonderfully eclectic and includes people like Dick Cavett, Paul Schaffer, Larry Storch, Penn Jillette, and Billy West. Most of the podcast is Gilbert and the guest trading stories, and there’s awesome stories, about comedians, television and movie stars, and more. The only thing that you might find uninteresting is several of the stories are about old-time stars that anyone born after, say, 1980, will have no clue who they are, but this is what Wikipedia was created for.

Check it out. It’s free and it’s worth it.

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