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Back Again!

Posted by @ 10:03 AM on Oct 20, 2016

Yes, TeamDick isn’t dead! It’s just highly neglected. Lucky for all of us the server hosting TeamDick was shuttered, forcing it to be moved and updated and tested and… well… I’m already logged in so why not throw out some quick post.

One of my new YouTube channels of choice is EEVBlog. It’s a video blog by an Australian electrical engineer named Dave Jones. He does a lot of videos on things that have somewhat narrow target audiences, but I think his mailbag and teardown videos are something that would appeal to a broader audience.

In mailbag he opens up packages and letters sent in by viewers. They usually contain either postcards or old electronics equipment that Dave then tears apart to see how they work. Some fascinating and oddball items come through from time to time which are really interesting.

In his teardown videos he does a more in-depth disassembly of electronic devices. He’ll point out what various things do, try to reverse engineer the design to figure out why that device’s designer(s) did what they did. It’s interesting stuff.

For example, here’s a video of Dave tearing down a couple of counterfeit Apple USB chargers. There’s a few different points about this video that make it worth watching. First, have you ever thought about what exactly is inside those little bricks you plug into the wall? I didn’t. Until I saw this video. Now it’s got me thinking about all these different little secret worlds living inside those power bricks. Secondly, it’s interesting to see what the differences are between the counterfeit chargers. They both work, but there’s a reason Apple’s design is better and more reliable and, really, much more safe to use. Dave talks about those reasons. And lastly, it’s relatively short (for an EEVBlog video). It’s 17 minutes. Most videos run an hour or more. So it’s a good, short introduction to the EEVBlog.

EEVBlog also has a website at which also includes a blog which is updated far more often than other, certain blogs. And there’s a forum where all the world’s electronic engineers, both professional and amateur, reside. So if electronics is your thing, it’s a cool place to check out.

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