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An Amazing, perhaps Colossal Podcast

Posted by @ 10:55 AM on Sep 15, 2014

Amazing Colossal Podcast

I’m a fan of Gilbert Gottfried. Judge me how you will for that one.

I once bought a signed copy of his DVD off his website and the signature on this thing looked like something written by a five-year-old. That seemed appropriate.

He recently started a podcast called Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast. He invites friends of his over to his apartment and they talk for an hour. It sounds simple, and boring, but it’s one of the most interesting podcasts I’ve ever listened to. Of the first 15 shows, the guest list is wonderfully eclectic and includes people like Dick Cavett, Paul Schaffer, Larry Storch, Penn Jillette, and Billy West. Most of the podcast is Gilbert and the guest trading stories, and there’s awesome stories, about comedians, television and movie stars, and more. The only thing that you might find uninteresting is several of the stories are about old-time stars that anyone born after, say, 1980, will have no clue who they are, but this is what Wikipedia was created for.

Check it out. It’s free and it’s worth it.

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Enthusiastic Teachers

Posted by @ 1:01 AM on Jan 15, 2013

Turns out that the whole Mayan apocalypse didn’t happen so I must now return to blogging.

Welcome 2013. And as is customary, 2013 started off with a 6 hour long Gaki no Tsukai special batsu (punishment) game. This annual event dates back to 2003 and typically involves the main cast of the show having to spend 24 hours not laughing in an environment designed to specifically make them laugh. And every time they do laugh the a masked man appears and smacks their ass (the punishment) with some large, rubbery object. You can read a bit more on these batsu games in this post I wrote a couple years back.

So what was this year’s scenario?

Continued on the inside…

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Blind Buy Drunken Review

Posted by @ 7:05 PM on Oct 12, 2012

Been enjoying some Jack’s Abby Octoberfest, watching a movie I picked up earlier this week on a blind buy. The movie is Red Lights and boasts a cast that includes Sigourney Weaver, Robert DeNiro and a personal favorite, Cillian Murphy. I’ve finished the movie and four pints of Jack’s and I’m ready to tell you what’s what about this blind buy.

Spoilers ahead. I give everything away. Continue at your own risk. Actually it’s quite little risk as I’ll advise you up front to walk away from this one. So much potential destroyed in the last ten minutes. Continued on the inside…

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Online Entertainment Extravaganza

Posted by @ 1:58 PM on Aug 31, 2012

Troma has put over 150 of its movies on YouTube for free including a personal favorite of mine, although the DVD commentary alone is worth buying the real thing.

One of their movies I found really interesting is a documentary about low-budget film director Don Dohler called Blood, Boobs & Beast. It’s worth the 75 minutes of your time it will take to watch it all the way through.


J-BUROGU has a post up titled Japanese bands you should listen to -2-. I love this kind of stuff because it exposes me to things I wouldn’t normally come across in my rather sheltered life.

And straight away I have a new band to enjoy! They’re called Mass of the Fermenting Dregs and the lead singer, Natsuko Miyamoto (宮本菜津子), is a woman who has some serious pipes, which she will now demonstrate in their song titled “Hikizuru Beat” (ひきずるビート) embedded below for your enjoyment.

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Sixteen Stars

Posted by @ 10:13 PM on Jul 20, 2012

One of our two favorite writers, Falconesse over at L’esprit d’escalier (some French shit), has had a short story published! You can read all about it over at her blog.

We here at Team Dick have had a chance to sit down and read her story and can confirm it is legitimately fucking awesome. You can buy the anthology her story appears in online at some unnamed online store or through other means as outlined on the editor’s web site The Dead Robots’ Society.

Team Dick would have rated her story at the exemplary seventeen stars, however she receives only sixteen stars as the story leaves us wanting a more substantial version comprised of several hundred pages rather than the several tens of pages that appear in the anthology.

Should a novel-length version of her story ever be published we here at Team Dick will alter this review to a proper and full seventeen stars. We will also review said novel using only stick figure illustrations. So pester the fuck out of the anthology’s editors, who will pester the fuck out of her agent, who will pester the fuck out of Falconesse to take this mini powdered-candy stick (we can’t say Pixi-Stix can we? it’s trademarked) into a massively-sized powdered-candy stick (fuck the three-foot version you might still find in random stores, I’m talking an all-new twelve-foot fucking pixi powdered candy stick) which you will then eat until you cake your esophagus with too much powder and gag like you’re some kind of cinnamon challenger noob!!

That is all.

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The Blind Buy

Posted by @ 12:58 AM on Feb 21, 2012

As I’ve said, apathy is easy. So it is with tremendous ease that I will drop money on a DVD or Blu-ray that I’ve never seen or even heard of before I buy it. It is a habit that has yielded some amazing gems such as Ink and Avalon.

A few weeks ago I was feeling a bit antsy with some gift cards in my pocket and a need for quirky films about humanity. I took to searching comments about movies I have already seen that I enjoyed and were similar in feeling to what I was craving. In those comments I found recommendations for other films — films I’d never heard of before. Armed with a list of titles I set to work and, three weeks later, had in my possession some new blind buys: Sunshine, The Fountain and The Fall.

Were these blind buys successful?

Continued on the inside…

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31 in 31: The Pre-Game Show

Posted by @ 3:12 PM on Sep 25, 2011

September 25th??? Jaysus, where does the time go???

We have so much to discuss. Books to review. Films to rave about and slag. I’m sure I have a fantasy sports rant in me somewhere. And I keep putting off my review of a nasty li’l (heh…) film called The Sinful Dwarf. But all of that needs to stay on the back burner for now. You’ll have to wait to hear my thoughts regarding the first two parts of Mira Grant’s zombie apocalypse trilogy. No time (yet) to convince you that Pirate Radio is a film that is very, very good for you. Amanda Palmer will dodge my loving ire for a bit longer. Because we are six days from October, and with that months comes Halloween, which has inspired two traditions in the Scheckland household: the reading of The Book of Lists: Horror and Stephen King’s Danse Macabre, and…

31 Films in 31 days!!!

The rules are pretty simple. Over the course of October, I will watch 31 horror/exploitation films (averaging – you guessed it! – one a day for 31 days), and post my thoughts and reviews in this very forum for your amusement. To make things more difficult or interesting, I usually set limits for my viewing – only films I’ve never seen before, strictly foreign horrors, a month of slashers, “It Came From My Cable Box,” etc. This year, to add a more interactive wrinkle, I will only watch movies I get from Netflix Online. While that will make viewing easier as far as my ability to actually find films, it makes thinks a bit more interesting in that anything I watch, you can watch. As always, if I don’t post it, I didn’t watch it. So, in six days time, please join me as I kill time, (probably) brain cells, and (quite possibly) the will to live.

31 Films in 31 days!!!

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Absolutely Tasty

Posted by @ 3:57 PM on Sep 21, 2011

I’d hate to run the month of September without a post to Team Dick. Lacking that extra link in the archives list you see to the right would be sad. I have more than a few things I could write about, but it’s all too serious.

Thankfully I was inspired the other day to repeat something I saw on television! Now I’ve got fodder for a blog post.

Continued on the inside…

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Review: Catherine

Posted by @ 12:11 PM on Aug 1, 2011

Also available on the XBox 360

I was looking for something unique and stylized to keep me entertained for a bit. However I didn’t know this until I was shown something unique and stylized a few months back in a blog that I like to read from time to time. It comes at the very end of the post, a quick mentioned about something named CATHERINE and how it will never see the light of day in America. Armed with that information and an internet connection I quickly discovered that this was a video game that would indeed be seeing the light of day in the states somewhere around the end of July.

The day finally came in late July that I was able to go to the local store and pick up my very own copy of Catherine.

But is it any good?

Continued on the inside…

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Posted by @ 1:05 PM on Jun 20, 2011

In 2010 a documentary on the life of Ayrton Senna was released titled Senna. It is fucking awesome.

Continued on the inside…

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